Welcome to my learning log. I am excited about the additions I will be making to this site as I learn more about the ever shaping world of educational technology.

Worked Example

In my high school’s world history classes, student assessments for each unit include an extended response that asks each student to write an extensive paragraph answering a question. We ask the students to use a specific type of paragraph they also use in their English classes: a TEA paragraph. This paragraph requires students to write … More Worked Example

Digital Story

https://spark.adobe.com/video/p8n3CFHyF8nLH/embed“>https://spark.adobe.com/video/p8n3CFHyF8nLH/embed I am not sure why I was so surprised about the Personalization Principle as relating to online instruction, because that principle definitely applies to how I respond to my students verbally in my classroom. I try to be relaxed and casual, engaging students in the conversation, and giving them options. However, when I created … More Digital Story

Coherence Analysis

In studying the Coherence Principle this week, I yet again had to contemplate whether I am presenting information to my students in the best ways for them to learn. I am wordy. Naturally. I don’t use Twitter because I cannot imagine a situation when 140 characters would be enough to fully express myself. However, research … More Coherence Analysis


I created a sketchnote about the section of chapter 4 of our textbook that discussed how image and text work differently for novices than experts and then later addressed the positives and negatives of animated images for learning. When creating my sketchnote, I tried working with a couple of different digital options. I have a … More Sketchnote

Final Reflection

The high school where I teach is knee-deep in its first year of a 1:1 program using Chromebooks, so the opportunity to take a class on integrating technology into my teaching practice was a practical choice. I have learned a number of new ideas and collected resources for using technology to teach, but I have … More Final Reflection