Final Reflection

The high school where I teach is knee-deep in its first year of a 1:1 program using Chromebooks, so the opportunity to take a class on integrating technology into my teaching practice was a practical choice. I have learned a number of new ideas and collected resources for using technology to teach, but I have most learned how to use technology to assist my students who need the most help from me. I feel like I know have a very practical set of resources to face many of the challenges my students struggle with in my classroom like speech-to-text Chrome extensions and even writing tools with domain specific word recommendations.

Looking at the AECT standards, we spend most of the semester studying the different areas of content knowledge and content pedagogy, focusing on how to combine technology with the curriculum we need to tackle with our students, based off of national, state, and/or local standards. Our textbook was very practical in its approach to using different types of technology and then chapters relating the technology directly to specific academic disciplines, like language arts or social studies. I am now better prepared to choose and evaluate different technology resources for my students and their learning in my classroom, and I have a vastly wider grasp of what resources are available to me.

Ultimately, this new knowledge has led to my own professional growth that includes frequent use of technology in my classroom that works smoothly with the curriculum my district already has in place. This is my 19th year teaching, and most of my career as an English/social studies high school teacher has required little technology use beyond a pen and paper. I often thought of technology use in my disciplines as being fluff, fun but lacking in depth. However, I have already begun incorporating many of the resources I have gathered this semester in my classroom and have been asked by my colleagues to help them as well.

As I consider my performance in this blog and my response to other students’ blogs, I was able to offer substantial information and insight into the use of technology in teaching curriculum, including anecdotes and references to my own teaching experience. I also supported my ideas from our text and other resources used throughout the semester. While I responded to at least two classmates blog entries for our modules, my responses were not always extensive and detailed. Personal reflection score for blogs: 125/140



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