I created a sketchnote about the section of chapter 4 of our textbook that discussed how image and text work differently for novices than experts and then later addressed the positives and negatives of animated images for learning. When creating my sketchnote, I tried working with a couple of different digital options. I have a touch screen computer, so I tried creating through Microsoft’s OneNote, and then I tried using a Wacom tablet. I found creating a document using both of these tools to be overly complicated and not very intuitive. Admittedly, I have never tried to put together something like a sketchnote using either of those pieces of technology, so the problem was probably the user, not the tool. Ultimately, I created my sketchnote with a couple of pieces of card stock and my Papermate markers, then scanned the image and converted it into a jpeg file.

As a teacher, I have read articles about text and image functioning together and used it in the classroom. For instance, my American literature students draw an image of one of the parties at Gatsby’s house with text embedded with the text fromĀ The Great Gatsby that described the different parts of the party. However, we have changed this year to 1:1, and a digitally created sketchnote would be an interesting change from how we have completed this assignment in the past. Even if the students create their drawing on paper, I could have them turn it in digitally, which would add new skills to an old assignment.

AECT Standard 3.1, Creating: I created my scetchnote to include the images and the text in close proximity, with the image working with the text, instead of simply being decorative.

ACET Standard 3.2, Using: after attempting a couple of digital options for creating a sketchnote, I created a hard copy of the sketchnote and used technology to support my ability to save and share the image.




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