Haiku Deck


My junior American Literature and Composition students have been independently writing full, high-quality essays for a couple of years now, but most of them, at some point in the year freak out a little bit about writing a thesis statement for an essay for my class. While I am always willing to work with them to develop and strengthen their ideas, it will be nice to have this Haiku Deck as a reference when they need a little bit of a refresher about writing a thesis statement. This week they will be writing their Huck Finn essay about the motif of  the Mississippi River and how that changed Huck as a person, and I will post the link to this Haiku Deck on the class’s Schoology page for assistance. I particularly liked how the format of the Haiku Deck forced me to pare down my natural wordiness, presenting my audience with only the most necessary information. It kept me from the typical bullets of information I tend to present to my students.

3.1 Creating: using a minimum of words I created a presentation that simply, without distracting images or words, addressed the writing of thesis statements.

3.2 Using: considering the writing needs of my students, I created a Haiku Deck that will help them independently identify the elements of a thesis statement and the needs they have in creating an effective thesis statement.

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