Coherence Analysis

In studying the Coherence Principle this week, I yet again had to contemplate whether I am presenting information to my students in the best ways for them to learn. I am wordy. Naturally. I don’t use Twitter because I cannot imagine a situation when 140 characters would be enough to fully express myself. However, research about the Coherence Principle is clear: clutter distracts learners. I need to use fewer words when I want students to learn a new idea. Also, the research we read about the audio and the Coherence Principle is making me questions whether or not I should play music in my classroom or let students put in their headphones when when they are working quietly. Ultimately, as a teacher, I don’t want to do anything that will interrupt my students’ learning.

1.3 Assessing/Evaluating: I studied the elements of the Coherence Principle and evaluated presentations from my classroom, assessing their effectiveness and evaluating how to change them to more closely fit how students learn.

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