I created a sketchnote about the section of chapter 4 of our textbook that discussed how image and text work differently for novices than experts and then later addressed the positives and negatives of animated images for learning. When creating my sketchnote, I tried working with a couple of different digital options. I have a … More Sketchnote

Final Reflection

The high school where I teach is knee-deep in its first year of a 1:1 program using Chromebooks, so the opportunity to take a class on integrating technology into my teaching practice was a practical choice. I have learned a number of new ideas and collected resources for using technology to teach, but I have … More Final Reflection

Obstacles to Integrating Technology in English/Language Arts

There is an unusual tension in utilizing technology to teach English/Language Arts (ELA). My state standards for American Literature cover American foundational documents (i.e. Declaration of Independence or Henry’s “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death” speech) at the same they cover online editing collaboration. ELA as a subject area seems to be looking back … More Obstacles to Integrating Technology in English/Language Arts

Game-Based Learning

When I was a kid, and I completed all of my classwork, my teacher would let me play Oregon Trail on one of the two computers at the back of the room. I would frantically try to survive the trip across the country without getting sick or my wagon being damaged or my cattle dying. … More Game-Based Learning