Narrated Presentation

One of my favorite aspects of Google is the ability to collaborate easily. My group of three students for this project are located in vastly different places: Washington state, Israel, and pokey old Ohio (me), yet we easily were able to create a presentation using Google Slides, work on it at the same time, and leave each other comments and questions. For this reason, I use Google products with my students regularly. Just this week they started creating an online encyclopedia of The Great Gatsby, with a couple of students working as the webmasters while the rest of the students are compiling information on a variety of sources. The webmasters are are using Google Sites, and the remainder of the students are sharing their Google Docs with them.

As for the narration of the Google Slides in Voice Thread, while it was perfect for illustrating both the modality and redundancy principles, it would only work for a presentation without animation, which could have been helpful in illustrating information. I did like the finished product, though, and wonder if there is another, non-video way to approach a narrated presentation.

3.1 Creating: We began by creating notes on the modality and redundancy principles, combined the most important ideas with icons that illustrated those principles, put them into a presentation, then narrated the presentation.

3.2 Using: Following the ideas of the modality principle, we made certain to use audio text accompanied by images to best meet the learners’ needs. In addition, we made certain not to repeat the audio and visual text, to keep from overloading the learner visually.

4.1 Collaborative Practice: We collaborated together through a number of different ways, from many different time zones to complete the different jobs needed to make a narrated presentation.

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