Content Curation

I had no idea there were so many options for curating content. I use Pinterest regularly, personally and professionally, but I had not ever gone beyond that site. Looking at different options, some sites did not make the cut. Juxtapost looked a lot like Pinterest and was very visual in nature. Clipzine was similar in … More Content Curation

RSS Feed

Before this week, I knew about RSS Feed for websites, but I had never used them (Ahh! English teacher problem. RSS Feed. Singular or plural? Which pronoun to use?!). I subscribe to several websites, but I have the information delivered to me by email. In this day of Internet tracking, I appreciate the relative anonymity … More RSS Feed

Digital Divide/Digital Inequality I have regularly sat in meetings thinking, “Why are you reading this presentation word-for-word? If that is what you are going to do, why did you not just send me this presentation, so I could read it from the comfort of my own home?” On the other hand, I believe in the importance of … More Digital Divide/Digital Inequality