Worked Example

In my high school’s world history classes, student assessments for each unit include an extended response that asks each student to write an extensive paragraph answering a question. We ask the students to use a specific type of paragraph they also use in their English classes: a TEA paragraph. This paragraph requires students to write a topic sentence, then use evidence and analysis to support the claim in their topic sentence. This is part of our current writing focus in social studies, helping the students become disciplined and effective writers in their social studies classes.

3.1 Creating: using Adobe Spark, I created a worked example video with narration that will take my social studies through the steps of creating a TEA paragraph for their extended response questions on their assessments.

3.2 Using: the worked example video shows students the three necessary components of a TEA paragraph: topic sentence, evidence, and analysis, including an example paragraph. Students will be able to use this if they miss the in-class explanation for their extended response, and we will all be able to refer back to it throughout the year for reminder.

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