Digital Story

I am not sure why I was so surprised about the Personalization Principle as relating to online instruction, because that principle definitely applies to how I respond to my students verbally in my classroom. I try to be relaxed and casual, engaging students in the conversation, and giving them options. However, when I created instruction for them online, I reverted back to my default third-person formality. In short, my online instruction sounded like a boring essay. While I talk to my students using the principle, I would never have thought to use it in online instruction. That will change.

As for creating videos in my classroom, I have been looking for a free, user-friendly video creation tool, and without this assignment, I would never have thought to look at an Adobe product, since I have found their products to be unwieldy to new users in the past. Adobe Spark was so easy to use, and I will definitely offer it as a presentation option for the future. Any teacher who has ever sat through a tense, student PowerPoint presentation where they students talk too quietly, too long, or too boringly, knows a narrated video allows students the opportunity to eliminate all of those problems. Also, Adobe Spark would allow my more reserved students to have a voice without having to speak directly to the class, which would be a plus.

3.1 Creating: considering what I have read and learned about the Personalization Principle and other learning principles this semester, I created a video in Adobe Spark.

3.2 Using: in creating a video in Adobe Spark, I used a conversational tone, along with personal pronouns,  and becoming a visible author in order to instruct efficiently. Considering past learning in the class, I avoided seductive details like music and images that did not directly connect to instruction.


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