Content Curation

I had no idea there were so many options for curating content. I use Pinterest regularly, personally and professionally, but I had not ever gone beyond that site. Looking at different options, some sites did not make the cut. Juxtapost looked a lot like Pinterest and was very visual in nature. Clipzine was similar in … More Content Curation

RSS Feed

Before this week, I knew about RSS Feed for websites, but I had never used them (Ahh! English teacher problem. RSS Feed. Singular or plural? Which pronoun to use?!). I subscribe to several websites, but I have the information delivered to me by email. In this day of Internet tracking, I appreciate the relative anonymity … More RSS Feed

Digital Divide/Digital Inequality I have regularly sat in meetings thinking, “Why are you reading this presentation word-for-word? If that is what you are going to do, why did you not just send me this presentation, so I could read it from the comfort of my own home?” On the other hand, I believe in the importance of … More Digital Divide/Digital Inequality

Taking Assessments Online and Out of the Classroom

With new Learning management systems (LMS) like the now defunct My Big Campus and our new system, Schoology, our school has been utilizing more online assessments. We have been concerned about students doing their own work online, without cheating, and we have been using timed open note online quizzes as a solution. Spending time this … More Taking Assessments Online and Out of the Classroom