3 thoughts on “Relative Advantage of Using Hypermedia in the Classroom

  1. Great video reflection. I loved the quote you started with when I read it too; what a powerful way to look at how we are teaching students and student potential. I also like having students make videos in my fourth grade class. In addition to the research and opportunity for them to show what they know (like you mentioned) it is super engaging for students! And, we use a digital portfolio program called SeeSaw that lets these videos be shared with their family too.


  2. Excellent reflection, Dana! I totally agree with you about students needing skills beyond just those in state standards- students need the skills to be able to problem solve, be resourceful, and create things to show their learning. I find that students are often so nervous to use video creation as a form of project creation; they are always so nervous about what they say and how they say it (even though they never give that much thought into their normal conversation throughout the day!). I like the idea of using a digital portfolio in a course, including not just videos students create but a variety of digital tools that showcase their skills.



  3. Dana, thanks for sharing your video reflection. I agree with your assertion that video can make a very powerful tool when the creation aspect is placed directly in students’ hands. Your comments were spot on regarding how video projects make your students more likely to ask one another questions and more likely to diligently research. I’ve seen similar effects in my own students, as well as a willingness to revise. When we ask students to write traditional essays, sometimes getting that second draft is like pulling teeth – not so with video projects! I’ve definitely seen a willingness to persevere and attempt multiple iterations. Thanks for your thoughts!

    -Jessica Pack


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