Post-Project Reflection

Week 9

When I knew I would be taking a class on technology and PBL, I went to the two teachers with whom I teach American literature and asked, “What PBL unit do we want the most for next year?” Our school is focusing on PBL, and we knew we wanted to add more for next school year. After a lot of discussion, we decided we were not content with our unit on Puritan literature, the first unit of the year; also, what better time to introduce a PBL approach to literature than from the first the unit of study.

For me, having two teachers with whom I will be teaching this unit, one colleague who teaches inclusion English and the other who teaches Advanced Placement English, I have a built-in reflection group. After teaching it together the first time, we will find out what formative assessment is necessary and what is redundant in the unit. We will also better know how the Puritan PBL functions for students and what we need to adjust for the next year. Finally, we will have a more specific understanding of how to differentiate to meet all of our students’ needs.

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