Designing Integrated Curriculum

Week 7

I am a bit of a built-in integrated curriculum. Unlike anyone else in the high school building in which I teach, I am in two different departments: English and social studies. Also, especially for academic fields like English and social studies, I find there is a lot of natural overlap of material. I teach American literature, so while I teach The Scarlet Letter, I also teach Dr. King’s Letter from Birmingham Jail. When I teach about Elizabethan England in world history, we have to talk about Shakespeare.

However, this is not true curriculum integration, because I am, after all, only one person, so I am working with no other colleagues. The history as literature class I will be teaching next year would not really qualify either, even though I am bringing together two different subjects. True integration happens when a number of teachers from different subjects come together to teach united subjects. My school building is just starting to swim in the lake of PBL, and while we are starting to talk about creating projects together, we are still at a point where we are learning the components of well-created PBL. As we continue to gain experience, along with a lot of planning time together, we hope to teach integrated PBL.

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