Graphic Definition of Educational Technology

thephoto (2)

I knew I wanted to create visual poetry to express my definition of educational technology and several educational blogs recommended ImageChef as an interesting way to create visual poetry and many other digital creations (Like memes. How have I never made a meme? I will have to change that soon.) As a note, I was unable to open the ImageChef website through school Internet, so this may not be a choice to use for a class project. ImageChef also publishes low price ($1.99) apps, and I used the Visual Poetry app through iTunes. An ImageChef app is available through Android but Visual Poetry is not. This app would be a good way to use this in the classroom in a school using Apple products. The capabilities of the app allowed me to use my own picture of a modern pedestrian bridge in London, and I could have chosen to arrange the words in shapes, in addition to other choice options. I anticipate using both the app and the free website again.

In the course of our reading from Educational Technology and topics that have come up in class during the semester, there were a couple of ideas I wanted to include in my poem. First, planning. The old method of planning had organized school districts creating a ten year plan for curriculum and technology. In the ever changing world of technology, planning changes. While an effective district may have a ten year plan of how they want technology to work in conjunction with curriculum, they need to have much shorter, more flexible plans when addressing specific pieces of technology like hardware or programs because of their ever changing natures. Relating to planning, I also wanted my poem to address the idea of teaching current, real life materials while at the same time teaching students skills that will help them adjust to technology that has not yet been created. Finally, true creativity through technology in the classroom, especially when a risk taking environment has been fostered among the community of learners, allows the possibilities to bubble up in class, a lot like poetry.

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