TechTrends Assignment

The last two weeks I have been exploring the world of creating infographics. I love the way they simplify a subject visually, and as I have been researching PBL, I h ave become interested in having my students in my Modern World Studies classes,one of which is an inclusion class, create an infographic for a genocide project.

My first struggle. I have never actually made an infographic, and I balk at having my students do something I have not done myself. I went to the web and through teaching blogs found two popular free infographic websites: Piktochart and After spending some time with both of them, I ended up creating my infographic with because of its ease of use for a beginner. The creation of the infographic was not quick, but it was straightforward and logical. had a number of free templates, but I found it simpler to begin with a blank easel. After saving my infographic I was able to download it and share it, giving me a number of ways to use my creation.

Before I have my students create an infographic myself, I want to begin to use them in the classroom, so they begin to become comfortable with the various ways they can present information and be used. To that end, I created my first infographic about the beginning of the French Revolution, which is my current unit in Modern World Studies. I will present the link to my students on Monday through our Schoology LMS with questions I would like them to answer. Looking at the SAMR Model, the use of this infographic will only be at the augmentation level, but when the students create their own they will be working at the redefinition level, creating something they could not have created before or at least in a way it could never have been created before.

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