Annotated Bibliography

My school district is in the middle of a big push to implement project-based learning in our classrooms. Our administration is giving us the space to learn about it this year, considering how it can be used in the classroom, so this research assignment seemed like a great way to learn more about project-based learning. In addition to learning about the doi for scholarly articles, I had the opportunity to learn about setting up project-based learning in the classroom. I teach research writing to juniors, so I had used several of the tools we used, like EBSCO. However, unexpectedly this research really excited me about project-based learning and how it can address the needs of all of my students, including in my inclusion class, and how I can lead students to think about their own metacognition, how I can measure student work, and how I can fit it into an already full curriculum. While I was was reading these articles, I opened up the notes on my phone, creating a list of ideas for a project on genocide in the twentieth century for my Modern World Studies students, which I will try out in my class this spring.

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