Content Curation

I had no idea there were so many options for curating content. I use Pinterest regularly, personally and professionally, but I had not ever gone beyond that site. Looking at different options, some sites did not make the cut. Juxtapost looked a lot like Pinterest and was very visual in nature. Clipzine was similar in style, as well. I was more interested in a site that could contain information, with visual use being a perk, instead of a necessity. Headslinger would be great for a current events class, but as I fiddled around with it, I realized it was focused on headlines, while I was more interested in a gathering place for information of different varieties, not necessarily the newest information on the web. Ultimately, I settled on Pocket and Bagtheweb. As their names suggest, they are both places where information of various sorts can be collected. I love poetry and was interested in looking at different ideas, resources, and websites that could assist me in teaching technology and poetry together. I decided to gather the same information on each of the websites, focusing on how each handled my needs.

Pocket looks nice. It is visually organized, with pictures and frames. While I was able to tag information through this site, I was not able to add a description, which made it less useful for personal use, where I will need to describe the site so I will remember what it is, even if it is a year after I last looked at the site. The website easily gathersĀ images, video, and texts, which can be tagged but not visually grouped. If I were to use this website with students, I would need to be able to group the materials related to one another by subject.

I preferred working with Bagtheweb, even though it was not as visually professional as Pocket. It easily allowed me to create bags of information, which would make it simple to create bags for my history class and/or English class, even by topic or unit. I was also able to add a description for myself, including ideas for use or pertinent information found in the link.

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