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Before this week, I knew about RSS Feed for websites, but I had never used them (Ahh! English teacher problem. RSS Feed. Singular or plural? Which pronoun to use?!). I subscribe to several websites, but I have the information delivered to me by email. In this day of Internet tracking, I appreciate the relative anonymity of the RSS feed, as opposed to giving a website my email address. Also, it will free up my email inbox, a never-ending struggle in my life.

As for professional development, having an organized place with all of my favorite teaching blogs in one place saves me considerable time. I will no longer be searching for the information; it will all be in one, simple location. Teachers never have enough time, and professional development is much more likely to happen when it is simpler to locate and read.Digg Reader Screenshot

2 thoughts on “RSS Feed

  1. Dana,
    I had the same reaction as you about the anonymity of the RSS feeds. I also am happy I now have a way to subscribe to websites without having to use my email address and flood my inbox. I liked your idea to have teaching blogs as an RSS feed for professional development.


  2. I too had known about RSS feeds but had not used them before this week. It was one of those, “I should really research that” that never actually happened. The funny part is, I have always been frustrated that I had to go to each blog or website that I liked to look for updates instead of the updates coming to me. Learning about RSS feeds was a big “duh” moment for me. I’m glad that I’m not alone.


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