Taking Assessments Online and Out of the Classroom

With new Learning management systems (LMS) like the now defunct My Big Campus and our new system, Schoology, our school has been utilizing more online assessments. We have been concerned about students doing their own work online, without cheating, and we have been using timed open note online quizzes as a solution. Spending time this week thinking and reading about my personal responsibility to both myself, my students, and my society as a whole has made me look at this issue with fresh eyes. I like our solution for now. However, I think we need to get to the point that we do not consider the outside materials open to our students as if it were wrong for them to use them on an assessment. I think the question for the future is how do we teach them to effectively use those materials to deepen their knowledge and understanding. Aside from the problem of getting teachers to think differently than they have before, I believe the struggle will be to inspire students to weed through information, looking for what is valid and useful, getting rid of what is not. Many of my students have become accustomed to relying on the first search result they get as the answer to all of their questions. I am not sure how to change their approach.

Here is the link to my paper on the subject: https://docs.google.com/a/u.boisestate.edu/document/d/1LLRY0NJYN3Wx6DlHJOAYSpKZIwQvlRIfNQ_1EyiOE9o/edit?usp=sharing

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